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Our feed contains all necessary natural ingredients like maize, rice bran, mustard oil cake D.O.C mustard, cotton seed meal, bajra, full fat soya, soya bean etc. to make it more effective. Its mixed with high grade vitamins, chelated trace minerals, bi-pass fat, bi-pass protein, yeast, toxin bonder, vitamin AD3, buffer etc. Further to make our cattle feed more qualitative, we treat the feed with high pressure steam at the temperature ranging from 75° c to 80° c. Thereby converting the raw cattle feed to roasted / cooked pellet feed, which is more digestible & bacteria free. Every raw and finished products is tested in our own full fledge laboratory for its qualities.

Reasons to choose Brahmi

With high nutritional value

Why Brahmi feed?

Increases milk production


Steam Treatment Mechanism

hear stories of

Dairy Farmer

Vill. Kheri

"I have been feeding Brahmi Cattle feed to my buffaloes since its very beginning in the market"

"Best quality cattle feed, which is produced under quality supervision of nutritionist from premium quality ingredients after many quality control and lab tests."

Davinder Singh, Dairy Farmer

Vill. Nanhera

"I have been using Brahmi feed from last two years and the results are very good. The quality of milk has improved over time. I recommend my fellow dairy farmers to use Brahmi Cattle Feed"

Quality Labs

Brahmi cattle feed is manufactured in our own modern feed plant fitted with boiler, automatic mixture, grinder, pallet machine, steam treatment mechanism, feed code, feeding channel, feed supplements mixer (stainless steel) & full fledge in house laboratory making it possible to produce steam treated scientifically balanced feed.

Good Quality Pellets

We take into account the digestibility and particle size of the feed. Our quality pellets improve the feeding efficiency, performance growth and uniformity of animals. Other benefits are the reduced waste, less segregation in the feed, improved palatability and short eating periods.

Service and Trust

Strong, long-lasting relationships are built on trust. That is how we have always operated. We believe in doing what is right for our customers and their animals. We believe in being honest, keeping our promises and treating our customers as friends. Our dairy team is passionate about researching the latest in dairy nutrition and ensuring this nutritional expertise is formulated into each bag.